BNKRbuddy is an innovative mobile app that was initially developed for commercial bankers providing them with convenience and confidence on client/prospect calls, on the go and in the office.  Having these metrics at your fingertips allows you to have more effective and deeper conversations with business owners, CFOs and the C-Suite.

While BNKRbuddy was initially developed for bankers, it has been useful for many finance professionals as well including business coaches, CFOs, controllers and even business owners.

Try BNKRbuddy Lite and Premium below:

BNKRbuddy Lite

BNKRbuddy Premium

The app includes:

Amortization Tables - Principal & Interest; Principal+Interest

Cash Flow Ratios - Debt Service Coverage, Fixed Charged Coverage, Interest Coverage 

Leverage Ratios - TNW, Debt to TNW, Liabilities to TNW, Debt to TNW

Liquidity Ratios - Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Working Capital, Net Sales/Working Capital


Also includes - descriptions of the calculations and certain line items, ability to save/export to excel and clear your data

Video Walk Through: https://youtu.be/QiFn7TE9UFgv

Live Screenshots from the App:

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